The Missing Ingredient to Discipleship

Do you like learning about discipleship? Are you eager to find articles and books on how to follow Jesus? But after reading these materials, does your life really change? Are you more closer to the Lord, having more success in living according to God’s standards, better able to hear his voice and always quick to obey the Spirit’s leading? If we are honest in evaluating ourselves many of us would have to say the in spite of all the articles, books and courses we have taken little has changed. That is because just reading some materiel does not change a person instantly. No, a subject has to be mastered for change to take place. It is not just knowledge that is casually acquired; it requires diligence, but most importantly a change in life style. If we are to be grow as disciples and in our walk with the Lord then we need to be constantly evaluating ourselves according the word of God. The Apostle James tells us that the word is like a mirror; it show us as we really are. So as you read the articles and complete the study guides here at Disciplepedia remember: just reading these materials are not going to make you a disciple. You have to master each topic so that it is demonstrated in your life. Then you will be fruitful; then you will be able to manifest the character and the anointing of Christ!

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