Gospel Presentation Outline

I. Man Separated from God

  A. Introduction
     What is the source of our problems?
     Mankind has become separated from God
  B. God
     Light represents God, 1 John 1:5
     God's purpose for man: eternal life
  C. Sin enters the picture
     Man disobeyed
     Sin is breaking God's law
     Man now in sin
     All have sinned, Romans 3:23.
     Sin separates
     God is holy
     Sin's punishment is death, Romans 6:23.
  D. Is there a solution?
     But God loves us

II. Christ on the Cross

   God sent his only Son
   Jesus bore the penalty for our sin
   God demonstrated his love, Romans 5:8

III. The Tomb

    Jesus placed in a tomb.
    A stone place over the tomb
    That's not the end of the story.

IV. Christ is Risen

   An angel was sent to roll the stone away.
   God raised Jesus from the dead.
   Jesus paid sin's penalty, was victorious over death

V. From Darkness to Light

  The way opened to restore our relationship with God
  Jesus is the way, John 14:6
  The opportunity to receive forgiveness & eternal life
  It's not enough to just know these truths

VI. Heaven or Eternal Fire

   Faith in Jesus results in eternal life otherwise God's wrath remains
   Decision: receive or reject?
   Would you like to place your trust in Jesus now?

VII. Preparation for Prayer

    Romans 10:9, 10.

VIII. Prayer for Salvation (Instead of memorizing the prayer of salvation just carry a card with the prayer printed on it so you can read from the card as you pray.)

IX. Assurance of Salvation

   1 John 5:13
   John 1:12

X. Now that you have received Eternal Life

  1. Practice showing God's love to others
  2. Prayer is our direct line of communication to God
  3. Read, study and mediate in God's word
  4. Meeting and participate with other believers
  5. Tell others about the message of  God's love