Your Personal Testimony

There are many ways to share the gospel of Christ. One method is to begin by sharing our personal testimony. Through our testimony we explain what our life was like before we received eternal life and then what changes took place after we received eternal life. Unbelievers will find it hard to dispute our testimony, because we know for certain what has taken place in our lives. The kind of personal testimony that I suggest we use when starting a conversation to share the gospel is different than what one might give in a church gathering or a crusade. It is short and to the point. When opportunities come we need to be able and ready to share our testimonies in a brief and clear manner. We want to convey that the power of Christ is real and effective. Since it has made a difference in our lives it can make a difference in the lives of others too.
Here is an example of a testimony:

I have found a purpose for living. Several years ago I really had no purpose for my life because at that time I felt that I was unloved, unaccepted and worthless as a human being. As a result I had a very low feeling of self worth that result in my being afraid of people, having only a few friends and always living in constant fear of rejection. And it was not very long till I came to a crisis in my life where I felt completely rejected by my peers whom I wanted acceptance from so much. Then I received eternal life. Now that I have eternal life I have come to realize my value in the eyes of God who not only created me with a purpose in mind, but who also loves and accepts me. And he is faithful to remind me that his acceptance of me never changes. Now I have a new purpose for living: to let others know that they too can find love, purpose and acceptance through eternal life. Because God accepts me I do not have to worry about gaining acceptance from others. And neither am I afraid of people. Instead I am now able to share myself with others and to show them God’s love by finding ways to help them. Almost every day I encounter some one who has a need that I can usually help them with. So finding friends is not difficult any more. I glad also to be certain that when I die I will go to heaven.

So that is an example of a testimony. Your testimony may be very different. But it should have several elements including:


  • What your life was like before Christ.
  • How your life changed after receiving Christ
  • Avoids using terms that people outside the church may not understand such as ‘blessed’ or ‘anointing’.
  • It should be brief and concise, lasting only one or two minutes.
  • And includes the statement that you are glad to know that you will go to heaven when your die.

Every believer ought to sit down and write out their testimony and practice saying it so they can give in from memory easily and naturally. Often giving our testimony will generate interest in the hearts of those we are sharing with. This opens an opportunity to share the steps to receiving eternal life.

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Scriptures taken from the Word English Bible (WEB)